We love to plan ahead. We strategize the best ways to have you come out on top with your tax returns. 


We take the stress out of the preparation process to file your annual taxes. 


We ensure all aspects of your 501 (c)(3) status are documented and filed appropriately to ensure your non-profit status is protected.  

Is your business protected from fraud, theft and embezzlement? We can ensure everything is safe and sound! 

We supply all documents and numbers needed to support any legal situation that may arise. 


Problem with your taxes? No problem. We jump in and save the day. 


Are you being audited? We are here to protect you and communicate with the IRS on your behalf. 


We are here to represent and guide you through the entire tax return process. 


Our team will define and coordinate the process of paying back taxes. No headaches for you! 


Payroll can be a headache. We diligently organize your payroll taxes to ensure the IRS receives their cut and not a penny more! 


The government can seize your property if your taxes aren't filed or paid as required. Don't worry. We can help you. 


Levies have the ability to take away all of the assets you have worked hard to acquire. Let us help ensure this never happens to you! 


We can keep the IRS out of your wages.


Seizures, levies and liens go hand in hand, and can ruin your life. We can help prevent or resolve your situation. 


You owe a lot of money to the IRS? Allow us to go to bat for you, to negotiate a deal with the IRS for a lesser amount. 


We organize your payment plan to the IRS, coordinating all dates, deadlines, amounts and more. 


We are skilled and knowledgable about joint tax returns for recent and pending divorce scenarios.