IRS Payment Plan


IRS Payment Plan

For those that do not qualify for the Offer in Compromise program, there are other options to consider. A Payment Plan could help give you some flexibility by paying your debt to the IRS in installments. However, like a line of credit, there are penalties and interest charges tacked onto outstanding balances. Let the experienced accountants at our firm help get you caught up and back on your feet.

Did you know?

   You may be eligible to apply for an online payment agreement

   Even if you're ineligible for an online payment agreement, you can still pay in installments

   Small Businesses with employees can apply for an in-Business Trust Fund Express installment agreement

We can help you understand your complicated tax situation and payment or installment plan. We will explain to you the agreement you have made with the IRS and how to avoid default. If you’re in the Destin, Sandestin, Fort Walton Beach, 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, or other surrounding areas, give us a call today and we’ll get you started in the right direction with confidence.